We Did It!

Every high school student should have the opportunity to discover their voice through video.

One month ago, MyBlock launched an Indiegogo campaign to enable the next generation of storytellers to discover their talent. Thanks to your support, this has now become a reality.

We raised an overwhelming $9,790 to provide 1,000 students with the opportunity to reveal contemporary issues they face in their neighborhoods on a daily basis, regardless of economic background or access to resources.

Your donations have changed the lives of our students. They provide the resources needed to inspire them and motivate them to engage with real-world settings, film in their neighborhoods, and take action in the name of creativity.


A special thanks to the following donors:

Tom Cahill – Borough Sponsor

James Rooney – Neighborhood Sponsor

Chad Gallant – Neighborhood Sponsor

Anne Marino – Neighborhood Sponsor

David Byrne – Executive Class Sponsor

Isaac Mizrahi – Executive Class Sponsor

Nev Schulman – Executive Class Sponsor

John Lyons – Executive Class Sponsor

Larry Cohen – Executive Class Sponsor

Larry Evans – Executive Class Sponsor

Judith Richland – Executive Class Sponsor

Peter Maresca

Julie Paik

Van Neistat

Margaux Eaton

David Goligorsky

Mike Goodwin

Mickey Sumner

Audrey Gelman

Nate Pomner

Antonia Belt

Greg Passuntino

Cyndi Stivers

Tom Nicholson

Sheila Cobb

Debi Rickard

Scott Cohen

Allen Jesse

Andrew Gori

Danny Abelson

Ervin Weiss

Eva LeWitt

Nina Santisi

Julie Saul

Susan McCormick

Scott Lauer

Annie Auchincloss

Barbara Holdengraber

Jamie Catto

Stefan Sagmeister

Jen Snow

Max Abelson

Maria Popova

Charlotte Sheedy

Renee Wagner

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